Since mobile-first indexing is still on its way and will probably launch sometime early next year, now is a good time to get excited and start prepping for it. Even though mobile-first was announced a while ago, there are still quite a few business owners and companies that aren’t yet ready for it. 

Get Ready for Mobile-First

To get your website ready for this upcoming shift, take a look at all of the pages on your website. Make sure they’re crawlable, accessible to mobile devices, and that they optimize the mobile version fairly similar to the desktop version.

Even if mobile-first indexing won’t hit until next year, you’ll be that much ahead of your competitors if you get ready for it now. 

Keep in mind that mobile-first is not just about making sure your desktop works well on mobile and desktop, it’s about making sure your site works on all web devices. This includes tablets, TVs, gaming systems, web-enabled refrigerators and more. 

Now, the trick is to not let this overwhelm you. Because the key to making mobile-first your friend is to make sure your site works on all devices, it gives you a direction in which to move. It will also be about other things such as accessibility and coding in a flexible manner. 

Another way you can start prepping for mobile-first is to think about adaptative design as opposed to responsive. The fact is that mobile plugins for responsive websites are highly sought after at the moment, but it’s possible that we should alter our course a bit.

Larger companies are starting to make their websites adaptive versus responsive because adaptive is more flexible. Responsive is helpful when you’re making your website mobile friendly for the first time and don’t want to be bothered with minute details. Adaptive, however, lets you dig a little deeper and really influence the user’s experience on mobile devices. 

To get help preparing for the upcoming mobile-first indexing, get in touch with the digital marketing team at Alphapom. SEO is like cardio for us, do we’ll do everything we can to ensure your rankings improve. We’re a locally owned and operated business based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and we’d love to help you take over the interwebs. Give us a call!

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