In continuing with this week’s topic of web design, today we’ll be discussing helpful tips for capturing users’ attention with your website layout.

Valuable Web Design Tips Part Two

Tip 2: Try a diagonal layout

Most of the websites on the internet have the standard layout where the navigation is in the center of the page and is followed by the rest of the content on the scroll. So think about how different your website will appear if the navigation is in the top corner.
As a fresh concept that experiments with perspective, diagonal layouts have elements that are clustered in one of the corners of the screen and spread out throughout the rest of the canvas like a fan. What’s really cool about these layouts is that they often look like they’re bursting onto the page.

The main reason diagonal corner layouts stand out is the fact that they require us to follow a different eye tracking pattern than usual. The focal point becomes the bottom corner of the page rather than the top left or center, thus creating a truer sense of depth and fun. With these layouts, all of your elements will appear to “explode” on the screen. If you’d like to get a little more fun with it, consider including movement and animation into your website’s design.

What makes this type of layout exciting is the sense of movement it creates and the uniqueness of it. It’s important to keep in mind that it won’t work with every type of content, however. If your business doesn’t require a lot of art on the page and prefers the use of other elements and widgets to capture attention, this type of layout would be a great choice.

When using a diagonal corner layout, be prepared to have fun with your website design. If your business is fun and likes a modern feel, be sure to give this layout a try. If you’re a local business in Eastern Iowa and you’re interested in having a diagonal corner layout or simply need to have your website’s design upgraded, get in touch with the team at Alphapom today.

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