Long gone are the days of websites cluttered with element after element. The days of bright neon colors, special mouse pointers, and sites that automatically play music are long gone. Thank goodness, right? Here’s the thing, if your website is sporting any of those elements, you’ll need to get with the times and fast. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of easy ways you can design a clean, crisp website that’s sure to please any modern user.

Tips for Designing a Clean Website

Monotone all the way

You’re probably thinking that your site should focus on standing out, which means you should use bright colors. In truth, you should do the opposite. Monotone and neutral shades with a splash of appropriate color here and there make your website design look soft and effective. It’s the clean, crisp look of your website that will earn your business the attention it deserves, so try to hold back on the bright hues.

Let things hit the cutting room floor

Keeping your website looking neat and clean probably means that you’ll need to let some things go. To do this, take away any unnecessary elements, content, media, and buttons that are no longer crucial. Hint: if it’s not something that your visitors need, then delete it! There’s nothing in the rule book that says you have to fill up every little piece of white space, so don’t do it. If you’re just starting the website designing process, consider making a list of all of the items that are absolutely necessary.

White space is your friend

Now that we mention white space, let’s have a quick chat. The key to achieving the clean, crisp look that’s captivating everyone is to have a lot of white space. To use it effectively, play around with bold clusters of text surrounded by a lot of white space. Think of it as your friend and don’t be afraid to rely on it throughout your website’s design.

Use clean fonts

We’ve all come across websites that seem to have been put together by different people who read completely different memos. Perhaps someone worked on the Exterior Painting page and it looks a certain way while another worked on the Powerwashing page. Maybe they have very different colors and different font styles. To be honest, too many colors and fonts make your website look messy and like it’s trying too hard. To combat this look, pick a simple serif font and stick with it throughout the entire website design.

If you need some help renovating your existing site or building a clean one from scratch, consult the team at Alphapom. We’re a locally owned digital marketing company based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and we love designing modern, clean websites that captivate users and business owners alike. Call us today and we can discuss your ideas over a cup of tea or coffee.

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