There’s no denying that millennials are an important market to appeal to. Every brand is vying for their attention and they see right through it all. Your digital marketing campaign needs to be as effective as possible, but how do you get there?

The millennial population has reached about 79 million, which means they outnumber the baby boomers by almost 4 million. As the largest generation in the U.S., millennials are crucial to your success, especially since they’re beginning to reach their prime spending years.

That being said, capturing their attention isn’t easy in today’s crowded digital market. Millennials have online habits far different from the Gen-Xers and baby boomers, so capturing their attention can be challenging. Since this generation grew up in the digital world, they are less likely to fall for traditional marketing tactics. Here are three ways to successfully market to millennials.

1. Become Mobile-Centric

Mobile-friendly no longer cuts the cake. To appeal to millennials, you have to go mobile-centric, but what does this mean?

Making your website mobile-friendly is a great start. Your next step is to integrate mobile payment solutions. Millennials like to find everything in one place and making them jump through hoops will send them away. Make paying you for your service or products is as easy as possible. Once you do this, you’ve entered the realm of mobile-centric.

Not many small business owners can afford to create their own app, but you can make use of features on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. Make sure these profiles are linked to your website and online listings when possible so millennials can interact with your business in multiple ways. Doing so will make you mobile-centric.

2. Stay Away from Hard Selling

If you haven’t already discovered this fact, millennials don’t go for hard selling like their predecessors did, so we have no suggested sales tactics. You should know that they like it when brands give them opportunities to be part of an experience. An effective way to do this is to promote your service or product via Influencer marketing.

Also known as user-generated content, Influencer marketing impacts nearly 54% of millennials. The reason millennials trust this type of marketing is because of its authenticity. They will also turn to their friends and peers before making an online purchase, which is why a strong social media presence is so important.

3. Come from an Authentic Place

As we touched on in the previous suggestion, millennials see right through hard selling tactics, which means the best thing you can do is to be your authentic self. It might seem strange that the generation that spends the most time online is interested in the human face of a brand, but it’s true. If your business can express your mission, what you stand for, and your values, you’ll appeal to millennials in an effective way. In this digital world where social media is the king, millennials look for transparency. If you present yourself as an industry leader, you need to fill the shoes.

To show millennials you’re genuinely interested in their experience (and not just their money), interact with them. This means replying to their comments, messages, and photo posts. When you run ads, be sure to express your vision, beliefs, and reasons for spreading the word about your products or services. Honesty is the best policy!

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