Social media continues to play a big role in digital marketing, especially Facebook. Now that lots of small and large businesses are flooding feeds with their posts, how do you make your business stand out from the rest? What kind of content should you post? What’s the best time to post on Facebook? How often should you post?

Taking Your Facebook Business Page to the Next Level

In this article, we’ll provide you with tips for boosting your social media marketing on Facebook so you can soar above your competition.

Let’s get started:

1. Follow the 80/20 Rule

Instead of bombarding users with “marketing” posts, offer them valuable content. Post industry news, personal experiences, upcoming events, advice from top industry people, and expertise pieces. Then, let the remaining 20 percent be promotional. Users will enjoy following your Facebook page if they know it’s of value to them. Promotions are great, but they should only be shared some of the time.

2. Show your personality

The goal of social media marketing is for your audience to see that you’re an expert in your field. This means you should be posting resources, tips, beautiful images that are engaging and exciting, as well as helpful information about your industry. Allow your audience to get to know your personality as well as your level of expertise. Once you establish this, then you can promote the special business offers we talked about.

3. What to post

Share articles from renowned journals, trusted newspapers, magazines, articles, and blogs that are related to your industry and/or products. Again, doing so will establish that fact that you’re an authority in your field. Then, start to share “behind the scenes” glimpses of the daily happenings. Focus on business-related content, of course. Some ideas include graphics, inspiring quotes, short amusing videos, memes, statistic graphics, and anything else you feel is relevant. Once you start posting consistently, you’ll discover what resonates with your audience.

4. Keep your peers in mind

When writing posts for your business Facebook page, think about how you would discuss the topic with your peers. Keep the tone conversational but keep your passion and personality woven in. As long as you keep it real, users will engage.

5. Schedule your posts

Did you know that you have access to statistics thanks to your business Facebook page? Since the platform wants you to be successful, Facebook will tell you when you should post. To get an idea, go to the Insights section of your business page and click posts on the left. You’ll see a chart that shows when followers are most active online. This is the perfect time to schedule your posts to ensure maximum exposure.

Here are some tips on timing posts:

  • Weekend posts are less popular (people are busy)
  • Monday mornings and Friday afternoons are usually not great for posts
  • Think about when your audience members have their phones in their hands.

6. Post often

There are a variety of thoughts on how frequently you should post on your business page. Hubspot and Moz recommend that one to two times per week are good. If you have over 10,000 followers/fans, you should post more often (ideally several times per day), but at a minimum, you should try to post a couple times per week.


There are many different ways to manage your Facebook business page and they each work for different business owners and companies. Remember, the goal is to set yourself apart as an expert in your field, connect with your audience at least twice a week, and let your personality shine through. Should you need extra help beyond that, give the digital marketing team at Alphapom a call. We specialize in social media marketing, video marketing, SEO strategy, and more and would love to help your business succeed.

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