The other day we talked about the main reasons video has been so successful this year. We also discussed why enhancing your video marketing strategy is important in order to succeed. Today, we have even more reasons why video marketing has took 2018 by storm and why you should embrace this shifting tide.

4. Video is becoming an important tool for your competitors. This may be a bit of a Captain Obvious one, but more businesses are setting aside more time and money to boost their video production. They know it’s important to keep up with these demands, so they’re adjusting their schedules to do so.

The good news is that creating quality video doesn’t have to be expensive. For instance, a good quality video has the potential to reach a large number of people on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram without a team of professionals chiming in. People are demanding videos, so companies are supplying them. Now, does that mean you’re a fool if you do decide to work with a professional team? Not at all.

5. Video is now officially a priority for most businesses. Companies only put their money towards what works and they know that video marketing is an excellent return on their investment. Previously, it was common for companies to drop videos randomly and not very often. Now, no matter what market you’re in, video can help generate excitement for upcoming launch dates.

6. Video enhances sales. This one is also obvious, but it’s important. Having quality videos that show your product in action or showcase your services can be the one difference between you and your competitor. Why? Even though everyone is doing video, users often base their decisions on meaningful and memorable messages. Video can achieve both of those things.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with changing your video marketing strategy, there’s no need to panic. Call the digital marketing team at Alphapom today to discuss your thoughts. We’re a company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and we love to work our video magic. We can also help you enhance your SEO.

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