Once Instagram started to make its Stories more like Snapchat, the social media mogul received a lot of views. In fact, the platform has received an increase of 50 million viewers this summer, which makes Stories a more viable way to get new followers.

However, simply using Instagram Stories doesn’t guarantee you extreme success. To help you make the most of Stories, we’ve put together some best practices that you can easily implement with the platform.

1. Show your product in action

High-quality pictures are great but they can only express so much. Instead of using pictures to describe what your product does try creating short clips of them in action. For instance, popular sports clothing companies may show athletes completing a workout in their clothing. When you show your audience how your product can be used, they’ll have a better understanding of why they should purchase from you.

2. Share limited-time promotions

Got an upcoming giveaway or product that’s available for a limited time? Instagram Stories is the place to post it! Why? It will create a sense of urgency so followers will act sooner. Posting limited-time promotions is a great way to get a short burst of online activity and engagement with your business.

3. Tell your audience a story

One thing you can count on is that people love stories. To start, think about what stories your business can share. Try interviewing a happy customer or feature an employee while sprinkling in a little humor and office-related hijinx. Once you find stories that your audience enjoys, start to post them on a regular basis.

4. Share the news

Chances are your Instagram followers are interested in your industry, which means it’s a good idea to spread the word about the latest news. When you post about your field, you prove that you’re an expert and solidify your value. If you stick to posts about your business (i.e. promotional stuff) your followers will think you don’t care about their interests.

5. Play games

Give your followers the chance to engage in some fun! Games go beyond the traditional post because they’re engaging and they encourage viewers to go out and about. Try playing guessing games with your followers to get them amped about your product. You can also create treasure hunts and give prizes to the first person who finds the answer. Pro tip: encouraging them to engage with you means you should engage with them.

6. Give a sneak peek

Never underestimate the power of exclusive content. People love feeling like they’re in-the-know, so be sure to give them sneak peeks. If you have an upcoming product that’s about to be released, start posting about it! Your followers will feel like they have access to something they won’t see anywhere else, which means they’re more likely to stay up-to-date with your business.

7. Encourage them to take action

Now that you’ve shared all this great content on your Instagram Stories, it’s time to encourage your followers to take action. Prompt them to check out your website, find out about a specific product, check out your other social media, and more. Each of these strategies should lead to an increase in product and/or service sales.

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