Since the introduction of Facebook Live, millions of viewers have been flooding the internet with streaming content. If your business has not yet embraced this trend, it’s going to be difficult to get your voice heard.

Because the social media mogul makes live videos so easy, it’s one of the greatest tools to use for your business in today’s market.

People love video content because it requires no reading. They can simply tune in, watch the demonstration, hear your message, or find out about your new product launch. It requires a short amount of time, little preparation (unless you’re doing a demo), and it’s compelling.

If you’re new to this Facebook feature, here’s what you can do to quickly master live videos.

1. Decide your topic

While the idea of streaming video live can be a little intimidating, it becomes easier once you get the first one in. Don’t let the fact that it’s a live video throw you off. It’s essentially the same thing as a recorded video except you can interact with followers in real time (more on that later).

Live videos are relatively informal, but you should try to have a little prep before you start. Before going live, take a moment to brainstorm the topic you’ll be covering. Jot down some notes if you plan to share facts, statistics, or product specs – just in case you forget them in the moment.

2. Keep videos short

While there’s really no limit to how long live videos can be, it’s best to keep them on the shorter side. Shoot for 10 minutes or less if you can. Once the video is out there, you can opt to keep it as a post so it will continue to circulate long after filming has ended.

3. Tell a story

As a business owner, you have a story to share. Whether you always knew you would be the one taking over the family bakery or you’re a yoga teacher that started teaching yoga when you turned 35, it’s important to talk about your business.

People love to hear stories, so share how the business came about. Talk about the struggles you went through so people can see your passion. Once they see how much you enjoy your business, they’ll start to show up in person or online to purchase your products.

4. Share your why

You entered your industry for a reason. Perhaps in your senior year of college you got the idea to start selling your own t-shirts to pay for some of your tuition and now you manufacture your own clothing line. Maybe you’ve always had a passion for law and the idea of working in the justice system was in your blood so you decided to become an attorney.

No matter the specific steps on your journey, people will identify with your why. Get that story out there so people can hear it.

5. (Optional) Invest in some equipment

If you have the budget for it, you can upgrade your equipment. While any smartphone should do for filming, consider upgrading your lighting. You can find affordable products on Amazon that will make you look great while filming and it will please your viewers. Consider getting a small ring light that can be clipped to your phone or a stand-up model that has a placeholder for your phone.

6. Interact

Regardless of your social media platform, it’s important to interact with users. The days of throwing up content and ignoring all the social aspects are long gone. Be sure to acknowledge people as they comment on your videos. If you have difficulty multitasking or you know your hands will be full during the video, make sure someone is there to read comments to you.

Don’t underestimate the power of interacting viewers. Even if someone simply says, “Hi” during the video, take a second to say “Hi, thanks for joining!” in return. Answer their questions while the video is going, if you can, and then comment later if you need to follow-up with something.

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