With the amount of advertising taking place on Facebook, it’s becoming more difficult to reach users organically on the platform. Facebook’s current newsfeed algorithm makes it difficult to earn a high organic reach, but there’s one aspect that can change that: video.

Why is Facebook video important?

The quick answer is that Facebook videos get up to 32 billion views per day. That’s right, billion. That number tells us that consumers are eating up video like it’s candy. Why?

Video has become so popular due to its entertainment value. Video compels users because it tells a story and allows us to take in content while making a personal connection with the person in front of the camera.

The amount of video content watched on Facebook is staggering, which makes it difficult to ignore. One thing is clear, though. If you’re not posting videos on Facebook, you’re seriously missing out.

Types of videos to shoot

The great thing about video is that it offers so many options. The type of video that will resonate best depends on your audience. Consider the following options when filming your next video:

  • How-to videos. If you sell products designed to perform a specific task, post videos demonstrating how to use them.
  • Silly videos. Even though you’re marketing your brand on social media, you can still have a little fun. Post videos that are centered around funny memes, staff members doing something goofy, or cute animals.
  • Behind-the-scenes. People love feeling like they’re “in the know,” so consider giving sneak peaks. You can talk about what it’s like to work for your company, how your staff members create your products or give people a look at upcoming items.
  • Client testimonials: It’s easy for businesses to praise themselves, so anytime you get the chance to have your customers do the talking, you’ll be in better shape.
  • Live video: Broadcast content right from your Facebook page so your followers can interact with you in real-time.

Length suggestions

Unless you’re doing a live video, Facebook likes to keep length around 45 minutes. However, due to attention spans, you should try to keep videos around 1:30.

No matter what kind of video you’re posting, it should focus on telling a story, which means prepping ahead of time. Try to create a storytelling arc that starts in the first frame and keeps your audience interested throughout the entire thing.

The important thing to remember is to keep videos relatively short and to the point. If your content ends up being a bit long, consider breaking it up into segments so followers have a reason to come back to your page. Once you post your videos, pay attention to their analytics. If you discover that certain styles are doing better than others, continue to use that style.

Facebook vs YouTube

Videos on Facebook can be difficult to find later on because the platform handles so much content. Videos will get lost in the shuffle and won’t always be visible on your followers’ feeds. Even if your Facebook followers are technologically inclined, they may get frustrated if they try to go back to one of your previous videos. For this reason, consider uploading your Facebook videos to your business YouTube channel.

YouTube is designed for longevity whereas Facebook focuses on quick responses. To get the best of both worlds, use both platforms as often as you can.

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