Whether you’re designing your website from scratch or you’re overhauling your existing one, one of the most important factors you should emphasize is navigation. We all know that your website will ultimately determine how well your reputation is being held up and that extends to your website’s functionality. 

Make Your Website Navigation More User-Friendly

What many people fail to realize is that a poor navigation layout can decrease your site’s traffic and ultimately your conversions. When consumers get frustrated with your website, they ultimately decide to leave in search of a more functional one. Fortunately, there are some relatively easy ways to ensure your website’s navigation is well-designed.

Shine a spotlight on your navigation

Weaving your website navigation throughout the overall design is a great way to encourage exploration. The trick is to get visitors to see those links in the first place. To do so, be sure to use contrasting colors to highlight navigation spots. Avoid making them all the same if you can as this look can be a bit boring. Ensure your navigation points stand out within your text by changing the font color and size.

Make it simple

Though navigating your site should be easy and fun, there’s no need to turn it into a game of hide and seek. When users are searching for something online it’s because they have a genuine interest in finding it and want to do so in the quickest way possible. If your site has subpages upon subpages, it can be difficult for the average person to find what they’re looking for, which means they’ll end up leaving. Stick to making your navigation simple and easy to get through – this may even mean that you’ll need to cut or combine pages. 

Name your pages clearly

Try to be clear and descriptive when naming your pages. When naming them, think about what key points you’d like to get across. You can also think about what key terms users would be searching for. Having appropriately named pages will boost your SEO, traffic, and conversions. Feel free to change things up as well. For instance, instead of going with the standard “About Us,” go with something more interesting such as “Our Company Story.” You could also change your generic “Services” page title to “What We Offer.” These page names stand out amongst your competition while still getting your point and intention across.

If you’d like some help adjusting your site’s navigation design, be sure to connect with the team at Alphapom. As a digital marketing company based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we love working with business owners of all kinds. We can help you with your SEO, digital marketing, website design, and video marketing concerns. Give us a call today and we’ll chat over coffee.

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