To get the most out of your site, it’s important to address its high bounce rate. Today, we’re discussing four additional ways you can quickly improve your site to encourage longer user visits.

4. Use Cross Navigation

Adding related links at the end of your posts is a great way to enhance traffic, but you should also consider adding links to other pages within your site’s text. Most platforms have tools that make this easy. WordPress allows you to highlight the text you want and insert an external link or link directly to existing content. If you’d like to link back to a previous blog post, for example, and don’t want to go looking for it, WordPress will let you search for the post and link to it.

Now, keep in mind that this shouldn’t be done just for the sake of linking. Links should remain relevant and take users to content designed to fulfill their needs.

5. Distribute Excerpts throughout the Site

To encourage users to navigate through your site, you should have summaries of your products and services in relevant places. These summaries are known as “excerpts.” Most often they’re found on the Home and Blog pages. In addition to the summary, add a thumbnail image that links to the relevant page or blog post as this often results in more page views.

WordPress has an excerpt feature that will help you keep them organized and easily accessible. When writing an excerpt, try to word it in a unique and exciting way so the visitor’s interest is captured.

6. Spiff Up Your Navigation Menu

Best practice dictates that we have a navigation bar that makes accessing all of the pages on your site easy. It’s less common to find categories used in clever ways, especially as a menu. Finding relevant information on your website should be easy for users and categories allow you to make navigation simple and interesting.

Most platforms will let you create a category, so don’t be afraid to add one or more to your navigation bar. Doing so will allow you to highlight the specific areas that visitors want to know more about.

7. Make Your Sidebar Work for You

Your website’s sidebar is ideal for certain types of content, so don’t forget about it! It can be tempting to fill it with large images, logos, banner ads, and other items, but use it to highlight links to your popular pieces of content ranging from videos to pages and blog posts. Once you do this, you should see increased traffic.

There is a WordPress plugin that will help you quickly find the most popular posts on your site and link to them. It functions like a widget and all you have to do is drag it into your sidebar. Consider customizing it with thumbnails, a time range, and by choosing the types of posts you want to be shown. The best part is that it will tell you if it’s actually driving page views!

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