Google continues to dominate the interwebs and search with a near 95 percent monopoly. Facebook, however, is beginning to catch up thanks to its sheer size, audience, and the resources that are now available to it.

The relationship between the two platforms is an amicable one, though. Facebook hasn’t pushed to take over search and Google is backing off its Google+ social platform. The fact remains that Facebook has true potential for satisfying its users with effective local product and service results. It’s already helping local businesses expand their brand and thousands of business pages are being added every day along with data regarding demographics, location, and behavior. The combination of social networking, engagement, and search is a stellar one.

Facebook Can Boost Your SEO with Local Search

Even though the potential to dominate local search is there, Facebook has been unable to effectively compete with reigning king Google. Most of it could be pure habit – many customers engage with businesses on the platform but still leave to find information, reviews, and products elsewhere.

Facebook does, however, seem to be improving user experience and search capability. It has been beta testing new functions that combine social media data with local search to produce results that are more effective than Google. Naturally, this would improve user experience, which could make Facebook a valid opponent for Google.

Below are some changes Facebook has been recently improving user experience, which can lead to better SEO for you.

Facebook knows how to use location

Location plays a crucial part in search, which is why Google puts such a strong emphasis on proximity to the user in its results. To make it as easy as possible for the user, Facebook is now highlighting maps and directions on the top of business pages. This information is can be found at the top of the Home page and the About page.

For example, if you were to search Facebook for Indian restaurants, you’ll be presented with restaurants that are within two to three miles of your location. You’ll also see an interactive map with pinpoint markers at their exact locations. If you click “See all” you’ll be presented with the full list of Indian restaurants around you via the Places tab.

The Places tab has been beefed up

Along with their strides to improve location, Facebook is now using the Places tab more efficiently. Say you search for “Eye care in Cedar Rapids.” The Places tab is the first to show up in the results and it lists three offices. If you click on the “See all” option, you’ll be presented with more impertinent information that will urge you to make a decision. For each office listed, you’ll see the profile picture, business name, average rating, how many people have reviewed it, proximity, address, whether it’s open now or not, and who on your Friends list has been there. This combination of information is huge for SEO. Not only are users being presented with crucial information about your business, but they’re also seeing which of their friends have shopped with you or purchased your services, which is a complete one-up on Google.

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