Video quickly became one of the most influential marketing tools of 2017 and so far it’s packing a heavy punch in 2018.

The number of businesses using video marketing on social media has risen significantly because of it’s excellent ROI.

Perhaps you’ve started experimenting with video marketing on social media and you’re wondering what the next step is. Or maybe you’re still on the fence about its benefits.

There’s no question that video marketing is worth every penny and minute spent on creating it.

Today, we’re discussing six specific reasons video marketing is a MUST for your social media strategy.

1. You have options – While there are tips and tricks to making top-notch videos, there isn’t one “correct” method that ensures success. Video can be used several ways to bring new consumers to your business. Experiment with vlogging, interviews, tutorials, presentations, demos, reviews, testimonials, classes, live streams, and ads.

Consumers like to watch videos because they tell stories and provide insight into someone’s authentic experience. Users will be more likely to purchase your product if they see you or people just like them using it.

2. Improved ROI – Businesses that have a video marketing strategy usually receive 66% more qualified leads per year. And that’s a lot.

Video marketing has become so popular among small and large business alike because it works. Think about it. How many times do you spend scrolling through your social media feeds and stop when you come across a video? Even if you’re not invested in the content, you’re more likely to pause and watch.

3. Encourages user engagement – Google has said that 40% of millennials trust YouTube content creators, which means they’re constantly watching them. Millennial users interact with their favorite video channels by leaving comments, checking them out on other social platforms, and by subscribing to channels.

Video reaches us on a personal level because it gives us a glimpse into someone else’s life and experience. When we feel connected to someone who has used the product or service we’re searching for, we’re more likely to engage with the business.

4. It’s fun – Video marketing may not be your forte right now, but it has the potential to significantly grow your business. The best part is that it’s fun! It’s tempting to think that you have to invest in a ton of high-quality expensive equipment but that’s not the case. Most users are forgiving if the lighting isn’t perfect or the content isn’t crystal clear.

What does this mean for you?

It means you have wiggle room to do what you want. Let your team get creative with your videos and don’t be afraid to get a little silly every now and then!

6. Establishes a consumer-customer relationship – In order to create conversions, you’ve got to build trust with your consumers. Content marketing is about creating long-term relationships with customers.

To build trust with consumers, you have to stop selling and let the people come to you. Video is an effective way to reach consumers because it’s interesting and it provides them with the useful information they need before making a purchase or booking a service.


Video is a critical way of reaching consumers today. It’s more likely to engage users and ignite emotions. Social media video can be the difference between simply promoting your brand and becoming one of the most powerful social media figures in your area. If you’re having a difficult time coming up with video marketing solutions that work for your business, give Alphapom a call today. We’re a team of digital marketing experts that can help you expand your online presence.

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