“Am I finding what I’m looking for? Should I stay on this site?”

These are key questions internet users are subconsciously and consciously asking themselves when landing on your website. The amount of time your website has to capture a user’s attention is short, which means you need to have a good-quality design that encourages people to stay. The last thing you want to do is annoy a user within the first few seconds of landing on your site. Therefore, it’s important to consider your website’s design as it relates to the user’s overall experience. Below are some design flaws that are sure to annoy users.

4 Website Design Flaws to Avoid

Poor Mobile Optimization

As we all know, nearly everyone accessing the internet is doing so with a smartphone or mobile device. The search engines are starting to cater to websites that have high-quality mobile optimizations, which means you’ll need to catch up if your website doesn’t. Your website’s mobile design should be easy to use, use click-to-call buttons, and feature easy navigation while effectively conveying the content of the desktop version. If users are forced to constantly zoom in and read through tiny text, you’re going to lose them and quickly. Naturally, this will affect your bounce-rate. Once you’ve made changes to your mobile site, examine your font size, page navigation, hyperlinks, and more to ensure users don’t have reasons to leave your site in the dust. If you’re a small business owner in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area, you may think that you can forego a mobile site, but that’s incorrect. Focus on making the user experience pleasant for everyone accessing your website, especially your local customers.

Excessive Clickbait

You’ve seen these all over your social media feed and most internet users hate them. Clickbait articles have misleading headlines and discuss irrelevant content. While they may seem like a good idea because they may catch a user’s eye and often follow users based on their locations, people will start to recognize that your site uses them and will therefore not navigate to your site. With a plethora of disappointed readers, your website will suffer due to a high bounce rate. Your social shares will also take a nosedive. Focus on providing articles with valuable, key-word friendly content that users will be excited about sharing on social media.

Annoying Pop-up Ads

Anytime a homepage features an annoying pop-up, it’s an invitation for users to click off your website and not come back. If you’d like to highlight something, focus on providing a call-to-action that will encourage users to engage with your website. If you really want to grab their attention, use the standard floating “Sign up for our newsletter” pop up. If you have a special offer or first-time discount, this is also a great way to highlight it without annoying users too much. Whatever method you decide, avoid forcing users to interact with the pop-up as pop-ups that block content look like spam and give users one more reason to click off.

Low Resolution Images

A picture really does say a thousand words. Your website is no different. Users love interacting with cutting-edge technology that looks and feels sharp. If your website features no visual creativity and blurry photos, users will be less likely to stick around. If your site is filled with low-resolution images, it’s time to replace them. While you may be attached to certain photos, if they’re distorted it’s time to let them go. The user experience is something you must keep in mind when designing your website, even if you end up eliminating content.

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